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Insulated Sectional Doors | Features & Benefits

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The ThermAdor is packed with great features…

  • The ThermAdor is a double-skinned insulated sectional door that looks great, is energy-efficient and is built to last.
  • The door consists of strong insulated panels of 40mm thick polyurethane expanded foam insulation sandwiched between two sheets of high strength galvanized steel.
  • This is the latest in technology designed to minimize heat loss through your garage door. This is of particular importance if your garage is attached to your house or if you use your garage as a workshop/utility room or other living space.
  • By minimizing heat loss through your garage door you can maximize energy efficiency and reduce your heating costs. Check out the difference!


Weatherproof Design


In addition to the insulated panels, the ThermAdor is fitted with integral side and top weatherseals to minimise draught and a large bottom seal to protect against wind and rain infiltration. The joints between the panel sections are sealed across the entire width of the door, ensuring excellent weather-proofing.

The ThermAdor has been rigorously tested by SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute for its weatherproof design. (Technical data available on request)

  • Thermal transmittance μ value- 1.2 W/m2K
  • Wind load - Class 5 (considered ‘Exceptional’,over 1000Pa) Resistance to water penetration - Class 3
  • In addition to its suprior thermal performance, ThermAdor provides outstanding weatherperforming:
  • Wind Resistance EN 12424 - Test Results Class 5 (>1000Pa) Tested door withstood air pressure up to 1300Pa, equivalent to 166 km/hr i.e. hurricane force winds. Class 5 is the maximum rating achievable and is described as 'exceptional' performance.
  • Resistance to Water Penetration EN 12425 - Test Result Class 3 (>50Pa) Tested door withstood leakage up to 170Pa. Class 3 is the maximum rating achievable for resistance to water penetration.
  • Air Permeability EB 12426 Test Result Class 2 (<12m3/ ThermAdor's reduced Air Permeability (i.e. a high level of air tightness) serves to further reduce carbon emmissions and is a cost effective means of improving the energy efficiency of your garage.


Thermal Performance of installed doors compared to regulations

upgrade new

NPD = no performance determined.
*Part L2A (England & Wales), Part F2 (Northern Ireland), Part L (Republic of Ireland), Conservation of Fuel & Power, non-dwellings.
†82-86% of a building’s life cycle energy is used in the operational phase of running a building with 40-60% of same being for heating purposes.


We take thermal performance seriously. Unfortunately, there is sometimes a mistaken belief that other common door types have an equivalent thermal performance to ThermAdor doors. In the door industry, U values, testing and the building regulations in relation to installed doors are widely misunderstood and are therefore reported inaccurately. The U value of a roller lath or an insulated panel is often interpreted as being the U value of an ‘installed door’, but this is incorrect and misrepresents the door’s thermal characteristics. So, if in doubt, ask for proof in the form of an independent test report.


Designed With Safety In Mind

The garage door is the largest moving item in your house and door failure can cause serious injury. Safety should be a key consideration when selecting your door. ThermAdor incorporates the most advanced safety features available:

  • Fully CE marked and compliant with the EN 1324-1 safety standard.

  • Unique anti-pinch panels and an enclosed track system for your protection.

  • Only the best quality door components are used to ensure the door is supported on the strongest foundation.

  • Multiple torsion spring system to ensure that the door is perfectly balanced at all points throughout the door cycle.

  • In the unlikely event of a spring breaking, the spring-break safety device will activate to lock the door in position and prevent it from falling… giving you peace of mind.


Highest Security - The Intelligent Choice

ThermAdor is the most robust and secure garage door that money can buy. Reassuring features include:


  • 40mm panel thickness for maximum strength and rigidity.

  • Tightly interlocking panels and all round weatherseals mean there are no inviting gaps… it is virtually impossible to prise the door open.

  • Manually operated ThermAdor doors come with double bar locking action to secure the door.

  • Convenient waist high locking allows you to lock the door from inside or outside the garage.


Automatic doors have the option of a unique patented security protection system offering extra protection against break in.



For the security conscious consumer we have introduced an industry leading hardware system upgrade to provide extra protection against intruders.

Designed by Kingspan Door Components at their research facility in Belgium, this upgraded hardware system offers extra design features to prevent a break in. In addition to the standard security features, the SKG kit comes with three pairs of anti break in components at the bottom, middle and top of the door. This upgrade is unique to the ThermAdor and only available on new doors so don’t forget to ask a member of staff about it when placing your order.