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ThermAdor - the best in quality, design, features and warranty… all backed by first class customer service.  When you’re looking for maximum thermal efficiency, superior quality, maximum security and long-term durability look no further than the ThermAdor Residential range.  Manufactured from 40mm thick Kingspan insulated panels, the ThermAdor offers maximum thermal performance.

Every door is made-to-measure to ensure a perfect fit and, with a contemporary range of styles and finishes, ThermAdor is certain to enhance the appearance of your home.

So how does it work?

Sectional doors (made up of several separate horizontally hinged panels) fit to the rear surface of the front brickwork of the garage, and as such need only a small amount of clear brickwork to the sides and top of the opening. The entire door rises vertically upwards and then backwards into the ceiling space. A door frame is normally not required which increases the available drive - through width. 





ThermAdor Residential is available up to 16ft wide x 10ft high (5m x 3m).



ThermAdor 200

ThermAdor 200 is the standard headroom track arrangement and requires 200mm headroom clearance for both a manually operated and an automatic door. Sideroom clearance required is only 75mm.



ThermAdor 70

If your garage has limited headroom ThermAdor 70 is an optional low headroom track arrangement which requires only 70mm headroom clearance for a manually operated door and 100mm headroom clearance for an automatic door. Sideroom clearance required is only 75mm.




Why ThermAdor…

  • ThermAdor opens vertically upwards and each section of the door slides back along the track system into the garage. There is no out-swing so you can park your car right up to the door.
  • ThermAdor requires very little headroom and sideroom and is therefore suitable for most garage openings.
  • ThermAdor is supplied with Kingspan’s patented pre-assembled track and spring installation system as standard. For quality assurance and to ensure maximum performance, 
    only the highest quality door components are used in the ThermAdor 
    sectional door range.

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